IEI's Current Projects

Program Design and Development:

American University Scholarship Programs for Japanese Students

This program represents a collaboration with various American Universities aimed at developing scholarship programs for Japanese high school graduates interested in studying abroad. Such programs would follow admissions policies designed to reflect the academic standards of the Japanese educational system.

American University Scholarship Programs

US・JAPAN Internship/Training Programs for University Students

The project to develop the internship and Training Programs for US and Japanese University Students.

SLICE Program for Harvard Students (link to)

American High School Dual Diploma Programs

Consultation for developing programs that assist Japanese students interested in following a standard US high school curriculum and obtaining a diploma from a partner US high school while simultaneously attending high school in Japan.

Consultation for Japanese High Schools interested in establishing dual degree study abroad programs with American High Schools.

Project Based Learning Program for Japanese University and High School Students

Designing and coordinating study tour programs for Japanese university and high school students based on their project-based goals and desired activities.

Japanese High School Programs for American High School Students

Designing and coordinating short-term study tours for US high school students visiting Japan, as well as one-year study abroad programs at Japanese high schools for US students.

Japan Classic High School Program

Consulting Services:

Facilitating International Education Programs for Japanese Institutions

Providing consultation services for Japanese universities, secondary schools, and local governments aimed at cultivating the next generation's global leaders. Services include managerial advice and connecting relevant parties with programs best suited to their educational objectives.

Recruiting Japanese Students to American Universities

Providing consultation services for American universities and secondary schools wishing to increase Japanese student enrollment. Services include developing realistic and effective recruitment strategies in collaboration with US institutions based upon IEI's expertise on the Japanese educational system and the needs and expectations of Japanese students and parents, as well as other salient aspects of the country's culture and society.

Joint Study and Research of US & Japan Institutes of Universities

Providing information about US research programs and institutions to Japanese universities seeking opportunities for joint research and study. Services also include consultation on best practices for facilitating such connections.

Professional Workshops:

TESOL Programs and Workshops for Japanese English-Language Teachers

Targeted towards English-language teachers in the Japanese educational system interested in improving their skills and knowledge of TESOL methods, IEI Foundation's professional programs and workshops are run in collaboration with internationally respected universities in the TESOL field. We offer teachers a variety of program options both in Japan and abroad, all designed to equip educators with the tools they need to hone their students' communication skills.

Career Development Workshop for Japanese University Students

This workshop offers professional advice to Japanese students with varying levels of educational experience in the US. Whether that experience be studying abroad at an American high school for a year or participation in a weeks-long study tour, workshop participants will learn how to capitalize on their insights and apply the skills acquired from their time in the US towards realizing professional opportunities and finding their career paths.

Public Relations Initiatives :

Activities and events aimed at disseminating information about our educational services and proposals throughout the field of international education, as well as providing relevant information surrounding educational developments in the US and Japan. Content from said events will be distributed via online videos, seminars and conferences, and journal publications in collaboration with partner organizations.

Kaigai Ryugaku Channel