What is IEI Foundation

IEI Foundation is a think tank dedicated to facilitating international education via a multitude of institutional platforms to address the challenges of the 21st century. The organization was established in 2005 by Mr. Samuel Shepherd, a former representative of the US-Japan Education Committee/Fulbright Committee; and Mr. Masaru Yamada, the founder of ICS Ltd., founding publisher of Ryugaku Journal and current chairperson of the Foundation of Education and Language Consultants Association (FELCA).

IEI Foundation comprises a board of directors, operations officers, and a roster of researchers, each group boasting individuals with track records of high achievement in their respective fields, coupled with relevant skills and extensive professional networks throughout the field of international education.

As a nonprofit organization headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with a branch office in Tokyo, the IEI Foundation provides consultation and project planning services to public and private educational institutions throughout the US with the aim of cultivating partnerships between them and their Japanese counterparts.

Vision:“Building Academic Bridges Over the Pacific”

Over seven decades following the end of World War II, the US-Japan alliance continues to attain new heights. It is an alliance marked by mutual goals and responsibilities, made possible by friendship, education, cooperation, hard work, respect for difference, and healthy competition. The fates of these two nations, alongside that of the world at large, are deeply intertwined.

Young people fortunate enough to have been born in the US or Japan have both the privilege and the responsibility of leading the rest of the world towards a brighter future.

The IEI Foundation equips the next generation of leaders to fulfill their dreams in this global context, thereby expanding opportunities for young people not only in the US and Japan but for all those with whom they may cross paths.